Aviation English Course

Aviation English Course

Here at Berlitz Manchester our courses have been flexibly designed and structured to meet the needs of Pilots and ATCO’s. Ensuring that our English courses are flexible will ensure that you can learn without the stress of a timetabled course which wouldn’t suit your lifestyle. Course’s adhere to ICAO guidelines and are designed to take candidates to ICAO Level 4 with superb teaching facilities and a structured study plan to suit your every need.

As you will know, the Aviation sector is an international environment where a clear understanding of the English language and language skills are essential. JAA Guidelines stipulate pilots and ATCOs must have achieved ICAO 4 as a mandatory requirement. We suggest to all our students who want to participate within this course to contact us prior due to the course having to be arranged which can give you that personal touch to your study programme.

Berlitz Manchester offers a superb flexibly structured Aviation English training courses in the UK for pilots and ATCOs. Our English language courses are adapted to meet the guidelines in the ICAO English language proficiency descriptors and can be structured to meet the precise requirements of individual sponsors.

We employ JAA-accredited trainers and testers to oversee flexible training in English for aviation, with appropriate ICAO-compliant testing and certification. All of our courses are professional and use the latest course books and material to assist the learning process.

The duration of our courses can vary between 2 and 24 weeks, depending on the English language entry level of participants and the precise requirements of respective aviation sponsors.

We offer ICAO 4 preparation as well as refresher courses. This programme is designed to meet the needs of sector professionals whilst having the flexibility to allow tailoring to specific interest groups; whether pilots, ATCOs or other Aviation Sector professionals.

  • To prepare you to achieve your desired level of ICAO.
  • To develop your knowledge of Aviation specific vocabulary.
  • To develop your ability in the four key language components:
    reading, listening, speaking and writing.
  • To develop your general English skills to communicate comfortably in an English speaking environment.
  • Runway Incursion
  • Fuel
  • Landings
  • Technology
  • Gravity
  • Pressure
  • Health
  • Fire
  • Animals
  • Meterology
  • Lost
  • Security

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