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Oil and Gas English Course

As you may already know, the Oil & Gas Sector is increasingly becoming an international environment where English language skills are supremely vital at all levels within an organisation; weather it be Engineering staff, Executive, or Administration. This means that being able to speak English and knowing key english skills is a great asset to hold when working within this sector, or maybe even you want to undertake our course to improve on your current job role as you may need to advance you language skills to progress within your career.

To become successful within the ever expanding oil and gas industry you must ensure that your very professional and that can include being able to communicate in day-to-day activities on a wide range of topics from technical concepts and specialised data presentation to general discussion of upstream and downstream operations. Being able to understand and discuss functional skills such as problem solving in teams or general negotiation are more than essential.

Our English training course here at Berlitz Manchester is designed to meet the particular needs of sector professionals whilst having the flexibility to allow tailoring to specific interest groups; whether Senior Executives, Managers, or Maintenance Engineering staff.

Our Berlitz Manchester Course’s are delivered by an instruction team incorporating both oil & gas sector expertise. This ensures that tailored programmes, instructed by qualified trainers, provide optimum preparation for sector professionals. Programmes are by arrangement.

  • To develop your ability to read and comprehend a variety of oil and gas-based texts which an oil and gas professional will be exposed to on a daily basis.
  • To increase your ability to write about oil and gas related topics that you will be dealing with every day as an oil and gas professional.
  • To enhance your ability to communicate in an international business environment and more specifically in an oil and gas setting.
  • To improve your ability to comprehend spoken English when used in typical oil and gas work settings.
  • To significantly develop your oil and gas specific vocabulary.
  • Finding Oil and Gas
  • Drilling
  • Pipes and pipelines
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Transportation and storage
  • Emergencies
  • Careers in Oil and Gas
  • Exploration
  • Petro chemicals
  • Natural Gas
  • Oil and the environment
  • Safety and Risk Management

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