1. Student Registration

All courses must be booked in advance and where appropriate can be started on any Monday. Berlitz Manchester reserves the right to cancel or change the course programme without prior notice. You should send your application and a photocopy of your passport at least four weeks in advance your arrival.

2. Booking Confirmation & Payment

On receipt of the completed application form and deposit, we will send a letter confirming your application.
An invoice for the cost of your course and an acceptance letter will then be issued.

A 25% deposit must be paid to secure a place on the course; this information is in the acceptance letter.

The balance must be paid one week before the starting date.

3. Visa

Most students outside EU require a student visa. After we receive your deposit, we will issue a visa support letter so you can arrange your student visa. Please note this can take over a month to complete. Please make sure your course start date allows time to arrange the visa. We will charge £50 if we need to re-issue any documents, such a confirming a different start date.

4. Cancellation

If you decide to cancel your course/homestay/airport transfer, repayments will be made as follows:
Up to three month before: Full amount minus £50 administration charge.
Up to one month before: 50%
Up to one week before: No refund.
The registration and homestay booking fees will not be refunded. Please also refer to number 6 refunds.

5. Postponement & Amendments

You may postpone your start date but you must give the centre two weeks notice. If you do not, a postponement administration fee of £50 will be charged. If you postpone more than once, then a further administration fee of £75 will be charged. Any changes needed after sending in your application will be charged at £50 for each new document.

6. Refunds

Tuition fees will not be refunded once a course has started. No refunds or credit will be given for early departure, absence or illness during the course or for a reduction in previously booked hours. You are recommended to take insurance to cover this. In cases where a student’s leave to remain in the U.K has been granted by the Home Office or British Consulate on the basis of his/her studies at this college, no refund of fees is possible unless his/her termination of studies is approved by the Home Office or British Consulate, in writing and this written evidence submitted to our office.

7. Holidays

Students studying on a course of 12 weeks or more can take a planned period of absence. Students must give one week’s notice and take a minimum of one full week. Only full weeks can be taken. There is a maximum of 4 weeks in 1 year. (1 week per 12 week period)

8. Insurance

Students are responsible for arranging their own insurance and are strongly advised to do so. We can arrange insurance for you, please refer to the pricelist on our website.

9. Attendance

Students have to attend 80% of their course as part of the UK visa requirements, if applicable. The school is duty bound to inform the Home Office of persistent non-attendance and can ask you to leave the school if poor attendance continues.

10.One-to-One Lessons

Students with one-to-one lessons need to give 24 hours notice of cancellation. Students will be charged for non-attendance if 24 hours notice isn’t given.


Course books can be purchased at £20 per level of study. You can also borrow a book for the length of your course at a charge of £20. You will receive this money back as long as the book is still in good condition. Special terms apply for sponsored students. Please contact administration for details.

12. Class Size

A minimum of 4 students is needed for a new class to open or continue. Classes below 4 students may continue, but with a reduction in the number of units taught. The maximum class size is 12 students.

13. Homestay

Please refer to the separate terms and conditions available on the website

14. Public Holidays

The school will be closed on Public Holidays as follows:

  • New Year’s Day (January 1st)
  • First Monday of 2012 (January 2nd)
  • Good Friday (March 29th)
  • Easter Monday (April 1st)
  • Early May Bank Holiday (May 6th)
  • Spring Bank Holiday (May 27th)
  • Summer Bank Holiday (August 26th)
  • Christmas Holiday (Midday December 22nd - January 2nd)

15. Student Misconduct

The school has a behaviour policy. You must pay for any damage you cause to the school or homestay and its content. The school reserves the right to cancel a student’s course in the case of serious misconduct. Refunds will be at the discretion of the school.

16. Liability

Berlitz Manchester does not accept responsibility for loss or theft of personal items from its premises.

17. If the student is under 16 (1:1 classes only)

The person in charge of the students under 16 will have to sign the application form and accept the point below:

1. The child will stay with a family member or close friend for the duration of the course.
2. The guardian is responsible for the child outside of scheduled activities and class times.
3. The child can be treated in an emergency, and a doctor has permission to carry out an emergency operation if required.
4. The guardian will pay the doctor’s/hospital bills for any treatment given.
5. The guardian will provide the school with a contact telephone number in case of emergencies.

18. Data Protection

Any personal data that you supply to Berlitz Manchester will be held and processed only for the purpose for which it is supplied. We ensure that all personal data is captured, held and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The information you supply will be divulged to third parties only within the provisions of the Data Protection Act.