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Junior Programmes

Berlitz Junior Programmes are offered all year round and cater for young learners, who wish to participate in a tailor-made programme of English lessons and activities. Berlitz Manchester makes language learning fun for all ages.

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Mimi & Me

The Mimi & Me program is a unique learning opportunity for children ages 4 – 7.  Mimi & Me helps children learn how to speak and interact naturally in English just as their ability to acquire languages starts to peak

The curriculum is based on playful activities and materials that are perfectly tailored to young minds. Our enthusiastic instructors rely on movement, song, games, stories, and art to involve their young students and motivate them.

Minimum 2 weeks

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Time Zones for Teens

The Time Zones programme stimulates, challenges and gives teenagers between the age of 12 – 15 years an intercultural perspective.

Berlitz has worked with National Geographic to develop course materials that engage students and stimulate them to speak English all the time. Courses are based on topics that interest teens in areas such as culture, history and science.

Minimum 2 weeks

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Berlitz Global Adventure

Designed for children aged 8 – 11, Berlitz Global Adventure is a four-level English language programme which gives students the essential English language skills and knowledge needed to understand the world around them.

Using age-appropriate content developed in collaboration with National Geographic, Berlitz Global Adventure expands students’ horizons and teaches them valuable communication skills. Kids are engaged and motivated whilst developing their ability to speak English.

Minimum 2 weeks

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