Our professional language centre is located in the heart of Manchester. It is an outstanding 10,000 sq ft facility equipped with 11 classrooms, a student coffee lounge where students can sit and relax, an IT room for both study and social usage, and a Learning Resource Centre. We have ensured that there is free WiFi available throughout the school to benefit your learning needs.

Our modern 10,000 sq ft centre-location offers a high-quality environment in which our students can not only study, but also relax and enjoy their own personal UK experience. Our city-centre location incorporates a total of 11 classrooms and provides a warm and friendly environment for you to undertake your chosen language course.

IT facilities
IT facilities are available for all of our students. Our modern IT facility conveniently offers 10 work-stations with constant easy access to broadband internet which is superb for giving you access to email services and research, all free of charge! Throughout the school there is free WiFi available, which ensures access to the internet at all times. Our WiFi services are perfect for those with mobile devices who wish to further assist their learning experience.

The Berlitz Cafe
Within our 10,000 sq ft facility, we have a fantastic cafe for our students to use. The Berlitz Cafe provides a wide range of hot and cold drinks, coffee and snacks for our staff and students. Our students tend to use the cafe lounge for socializing within their free time, which offers a fantastic opportunity to relax and engage with the active social programme which is organised by the social activities coordinator.

Library facility
Our library facility has been very popular with our students. The small Learning Resource Centre is available for the use of our students on-site at the school. We ensure to offer a wide range of learning resources to expand our students’ learning. You can borrow books or DVDs for a short time but the borrowed items must be returned before you leave us. The collection also includes guided readers and DVDs and can be found in the cafe area.

We recommend using the Lending Library facilities as an excellent way to complement your formal studies.

TV and DVD Suite
Meeting-room facility featuring Plasma TV and DVD equipment.