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Crash Course

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This is an intensive Berlitz programme, similar to Total Immersion®, and offers a fast-paced, effective way to learn a language in a short space of time.

The programme is from Monday to Friday and incorporates 40 lesson units (30 hours) a week, starting at 9.30am and finishing at 5.00pm each day. Lesson content is determined by the individual needs of the student and can incorporate General English, Business English or English for Specific Purposes.


40 lesson units (30 hours)

Class Size

One-to-one tuition

Start Dates

Any Monday (except bank holidays)

Course Length

Minimum 1 week (40 lesson units)


18 years+

Ideal For

Students who wish to improve their language skills in a short space of time

The programme starts at 9.30am and finishes at 5.00pm each day, incorporating 6 hours of teaching a day plus breaks.

Crash Course is available at any level, from complete beginner (A1) to proficiency (C2).

Crash Course syllabuses are tailored to the student’s individual needs and are carefully designed and structured to ensure maximum progress throughout the course. A range of high quality materials are used over the programme, including course books and authentic materials such as news articles.