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IELTS Masterclass

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Our IELTS Masterclass programme is designed to ensure that you achieve your desired IELTS score as quickly and as effectively as possible. Throughout the learning process, we measure your progress clearly to highlight strengths, needs and objectives.

This course contains all components of IELTS preparation plus an additional 5 hours of Guided Learning. The IELTS preparation classes cover all parts of the exam, focusing on strategies and techniques as well as language skills, grammar and vocabulary. In addition to group lessons, students have access to a range of self-study materials, including practice exams, and have a weekly coaching session with a teacher to provide tailored feedback and guidance. This allows students to focus on specific weaknesses and ensures effective exam preparation.


25 or 30 hours a week

Class Size

Maximum 15

Start Dates

Pathway module ( 5 hours per week) Any Monday (except bank holidays)
Group classes (15 or 20 hours per week) – 1st week of January. April, July, October ; subject to minimum group size of 4

Course Length

Minimum 4 weeks


18 years+

Ideal For

Students from B1 level who wish to take the IELTS exam (for example, in order to study at a UK university)

20 or 25 hours of exam preparation classes: lesson content covers all sections of the IELTS exam and focuses on exam strategies and techniques, as well as general language skills.
5 hours of Guided Learning: personalised self-study to focus on specific needs and weaknesses. Students have access to self-study materials and a weekly one-to-one coaching session with an experienced IELTS teacher.

Class levels range from intermediate (B1/IELTS 5.0) upwards

All IELTS syllabuses have been carefully-designed and structured to ensure students make maximum progress throughout their course. A number of course books, along with practice exam material, are used over the programme, all of which are carefully-selected to ensure that students benefit from a range of quality study material. We also ensure to include special activity material and authentic materials such as news articles.