Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of enrolment at Berlitz Manchester


All courses must be booked in advance and, where appropriate, start on any Monday. Berlitz Manchester reserves the right to cancel or change the course programme without prior notice. You should send your application and a photocopy of your passport at least four weeks in advance of your arrival.

  1. POSTPONEMENT & AMENDMENTSYou may postpone your start date but you must give the centre two weeks’ notice. If you do not, a postponement administration fee of £50 will be charged. If you postpone more than once, then a further administration fee of £75 will be charged. Any changes needed after sending in your application will be charged at £50 for each new document.
  • On receipt of an enrolment, Berlitz Manchester will send an invoice and offer letter. A booking confirmation will be issued, once booking deposit (25%) or full course fees and all other documentation relating to the booking, have been received.
  • For all adult courses, there is a Registration Fee of £50 and an Accommodation booking Fee of £50.
  • On enrolment, a credit card authorization must be provided as deposit to cover any loss or damage to the school or accommodation incurred by the student. The amount will be debited automatically from the credit card provided after student’s departure.
  • The balance must be paid four weeks before the starting date, otherwise, Berlitz Manchester reserves the right to cancel, without notice, the course, accommodation and all other services. All bank charges in the country of origin and in the UK are to be paid in remittance by the applicant.
  • Failure to pay the invoiced fees may delay the provision of the course, accommodation and other services and the crediting of commission.
  • Berlitz Manchester reserves the right to charge 1% per month on the unpaid amount of the fees due to effect from four weeks before the date of course commencement.
  • Where a student has commenced a course and is repatriated for offences against Berlitz Manchester and/or Civil Law, all costs will be borne by the student.
  • If at any time Berlitz Manchester is unable to provide the course for which a client has been enrolled, an alternative course of a similar or higher specification will be provided, if available, at no additional cost.
  • Berlitz Manchester reserves the right to make an administrative charge for each change requested less than 2 weeks prior to course commencement.
  • Berlitz Manchester reserves the right to cancel or withhold confirmation of a booking or to withdraw educational and accommodation facilities after course commencement, at its discretion, if at any time incorrect information is supplied by or on behalf of the client, fees due to Berlitz Manchester from the client have not been received, or if such action is otherwise deemed necessary in the interests of the client or Berlitz Manchester.
  • Any documents sent by courier, as per the student’s request, will have an extra charge of £60.
  • A receipt or other evidence of payment must be produced by the client for inspection by the British Immigration Authorities on entry into the UK, and to the school on the first day of the course.
  1. VISA
  • Most students outside of the EU require a student visa. After we receive your deposit, we will issue a visa support letter so you can arrange your student visa. Please note this can take over a month to complete. Please make sure your course start date allows time to arrange the visa.
  • Where a client needs a visa for entry to the UK, he/she must pay a deposit of 50% as specified in the current Brochure and Conditions (deductible when the fees are paid in full), or the full amount of the fees due, before Berlitz Manchester can process the enrolment and produce the confirmation documents required for the visa application. Should an application for a visa be refused, the student will be entitled to a refund of the deposit and any fees paid (after deduction of an administration charge of £75) on receipt of a copy of the letter of refusal from the British Embassy prior to course commencement.
  • A scanned copy of the visa should be emailed to Berlitz Manchester to enable us to check that it is correct. Berlitz Manchester cannot be held responsible for any errors made during the visa application process.
  • We will charge £50 if we need to re-issue any documents, such as confirming a different start date.
  • Any cancellation of a booking must be made in writing (post/email). The cancellation will be considered as per the date it is received by Berlitz Manchester, not the date it was sent by the applicant.
  • Fees may be charged dependent on the circumstances and time frame of the cancellation application.
  • Any cancellation will be considered under the terms of the Berlitz Manchester’s Refund Policy.
  • Any request for a refund must be made in writing and will be considered under the terms of Berlitz Manchester’s Refund Policy. Please also refer to point number 5 “refunds”.

Accommodation cancellation fee

Before Arrival:

  • If accommodation is cancelled more than 28 days before arrival, a £100 administration fee will be charged.
  • If accommodation is cancelled less than 28 days before arrival, depending on the student’s choice of residence, 4 weeks of Residential accommodation and 2 weeks of host family accommodation will be charged.
  • If an accommodation is cancelled less than 7 days before arrival, 6 weeks of residential accommodation and 2 weeks of host family accommodation will be charged.

After Arrival:

  • Homestay Accommodation: Students leaving homestay accommodation must give at least two weeks’ notice in writing on the first Monday of the two week period. Students will be refunded for any additional accommodation fees paid that exceed the two week period.
  • Residential Accommodation: Residential accommodation will not be refunded for students who wish to leave earlier than their booked dates, unless in exceptional circumstances.
  • Tuition fees will not be refunded once a course has started.
  • In cases where a student’s leave to remain in the United Kingdom has been granted by the Home Office or British Consulate on the basis of his/her studies at this college, no refund of fees is possible, unless his/her termination of studies is approved by the Home Office or British Consulate, in writing, and this written evidence submitted to our office.
  • When the Conditions of enrolment relating to Cancellation or Curtailment have been met and a refund is due from Berlitz Manchester, this will be done after deduction of any fees payable in lieu of notice.
  • No refunds will be given for late arrivals and/or early departures for any reason or for late cancellation of accommodation or other absences. You are recommended to take insurance to cover this.
  • The Accommodation booking fee is separate from the tuition fee and is not refundable.
  • If you decide to cancel your course/homestay/airport transfer, repayments will be made as follows:
  • Up to three months before: Full amount minus £75 administration charge.
  • Up to one month before: 50%
  • Up to one week before: 25%
  • Less than one week before: No refund
  • The registration and accommodation booking fees will not be refunded.
  • When a client’s course is changed to a course of a lower specification, any refund due in accordance with the Berlitz Manchester Conditions or enrolment is made in the form of a credit towards any required extension of the amended course or towards any Berlitz Manchester course in the UK during the twelve months following the end of the amended course. The credit is not transferable to another client, and no cash refund can be given.
  • A credit voucher is issued by Berlitz Manchester to the client (subject to deduction of any fees payable in lieu of notice). The fees as originally invoiced remain payable to Berlitz Manchester, and no credit voucher can be issued to the client until they have been received. The client may subsequently redeem the credit voucher by extending the amended course or enrolling for a further course within twelve months.

It is usually possible to extend a client’s course provided that there is a place available. The client should inform Berlitz Manchester by letter, fax or email as early as possible, specifying the course number and the dates of the extension.


Students studying on a course of 12 weeks or more can take a planned period of absence. Students must give one week’s notice and take a maximum of one full week. Only full weeks can be taken. There is a maximum of 4 weeks in 1 year. (1 week per 12-week period)


Students are responsible for arranging their own insurance and are strongly   advised   to   do   so.   The Travel Student Policy is included within homestay accommodation. Full payment must be received before departure for insurance to be valid. We can arrange insurance for you, please refer to the pricelist on our website.


Students have to attend 80% of their course as part of British visa requirements, if applicable. The school is duty bound to inform the Home   Office of persistent non-attendance and   can ask you to leave the school if poor attendance continues.


Students with one-to-one lessons need to give 24 hours’ notice of cancellation. Students will be charged for non-attendance if 24 hours’ notice isn’t given.

  1. BOOKS

Course books can be purchased at £20 per level of study. You can also borrow a book for the length of your course at a charge of £20. You will receive this money back as long as the book is still in good condition. Special terms apply for sponsored students. Please contact administration for details.


A minimum of 4 students is needed for a new class to open or continue. Classes below 4 students may continue, but with a reduction in the number of units taught. The maximum class size is 15 students.


Please refer to the separate terms and conditions available on the website.


The School reopens from Christmas holidays on 4th January 2016.

Good Friday 25th March, Easter Monday 28th March, Early May bank holiday 2nd May, Spring bank holiday 30th May, Summer bank holiday 29th August. Boxing Day 26th December, Christmas day (substitute day) 27th December.

No refund is made for classes scheduled to take place on these days.



The school has a behaviour policy. You must pay for any damage you cause to the school or homestay and its contents. The school reserves the right to cancel a student’s course in the case of serious misconduct. Refunds will be at the discretion of the school.


Berlitz Manchester does not accept responsibility for the loss or theft of personal items from its premises.

  • The person in charge of students under 16 will have to sign the application form and accept the points listed below:
  • The child will stay with a family member or close friend (the guardian) for the duration of the course.
  • The guardian is responsible for the child outside of scheduled activities and class times
  • The child can be treated in an emergency and a doctor has permission to carry out an emergency operation if required.
  • The guardian will pay the doctor’s/hospital bills for any treatment given.

Signing the Berlitz Manchester Terms and Conditions implies parental consent has been given for all matters pertaining to 16- and 17-year-olds.

  • Students who are 16 or 17 years old will study in classes with adults.
  • Unless staying with their parents or legal guardian, all students aged 16 or 17 will be accommodated in homestays where the main carer will have had an enhanced DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check, and other adult members of the household will have signed a Children’s Act declaration.
  • Students aged 16 and 17 must book our taxi transfer service, to avoid any problems upon arrival in Manchester (unless they are travelling with a named friend or relative).
  • Your child will travel between the school and the host family unsupervised.
  • Your child will not be supervised during their free time, e.g. between the end of their lessons at the school and returning to their homestay.
  • Berlitz Manchester requires all students aged 16 or 17 to return to their homestay by 10.00 pm.
  • 16- and 17-year-olds are allowed to participate in suitable afternoon, evening and weekend activities and excursions, which will be supervised. Although some activities are free, others, including the Saturday excursions, will have to be paid for.
  • Although the homestay hosts will provide your child with breakfast and an evening meal, you should ensure that your child has sufficient money to pay for lunches at or near the school, as well as for transportation in and around the city.

Any personal data that you supply to Berlitz Manchester will be held and processed only for the purpose for which it is supplied. We ensure that all personal data is captured, held and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The information you supply will be divulged to third parties only within the provisions of the Data Protection Act.


The Company’s website, brochures and other publicity materials are the responsibility   of   Berlitz Manchester and   the   details   are published in good faith as of August 2015. For promotional purposes we will take photographs and videos during our courses or social activities which may   be used in brochures or other publicity materials. Please advise at the time of booking if you do not wish to appear in any promotional material.