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English For Military

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The course aims to provide students with the necessary skills to communicate effectively in a military environment and has been designed to meet NATO STANAG 6001 and incorporate Levels 1 – 4.

We have ensured that our Military English courses focus on increasing communicative competency as needed within security, military and peacekeeping appointments around the world. The Berlitz language training will provide an accurate model of general military language as well as the option to specialise your English in specific fields, such as requirements for NATO and Allied operations. Our courses can be developed to suit the specific needs of students or client sponsors.


15, 20 or 25 hours per week

Class Size

Maximum 15

Start Dates

Pathway module ( 5 hours per week) Any Monday (except bank holidays)
Group classes (15 or 20 hours per week) – 1st week of January. April, July, October ; subject to minimum group size of 4

Course Length

Minimum 2 weeks


18 years+

Ideal For

Students working within the military, security or peacekeeping

Standard (15 hours a week), Intensive (20 hours a week) or Super-intensive (25 hours a week). This programme is also available as a pathway module and can be combined with General English or IELTS preparation.

Course content includes areas such as:

• Military organisation
• Military technology
• Peacekeeping
• Combat search and rescue
• Humanitarian assistance
• Leadership

Students require a minimum General English level of B1.

Our English for Military syllabus has been carefully designed and structured to ensure students make maximum progress throughout their course. A range of specific Military English course books are used over the programme, along with additional material to ensure that students develop their language skills and reach the required standard.